AccuBoost Breast Irradiation Technology

The first innovation in breast radiation therapy in over 30 years is available at the Central Florida Cancer Institute.


Whole breast irradiation is the “gold standard” for treatment.  The protocol also requres an additional localizes radiation, known as the boost dose, aimed only at the tissue surrounding tumor site.

AccuBoost is the latest innovation in breast radiotherapy that enables your radiation oncologist to achieve the goal of targeting the boost dose to the lumpectomy cavity – the tissue that is the most likely site of future cancer recurrence. Treatment enabled by AccuBoost technology combines a noninvasive method of delivering a well focused beam with the power of real-time image guidance to target the radiation does accurately and reliably to the surgical excistion site.  And, the AccuBoostprocess strongly limits unintentional exposure to otherwise healthy tissue adn minimizes radiation-related side effects.

Traditionally, the boost dose, a stronger dosage of radiation, is targeted to the surgical site using only the surgical scar as an indicator of location.  With AccuBoost, the same technology used in mammograms is used to pinpoint the location of the tumor site within the breast.  With the breast slightly pulled away from the body as in a mammogram, the boost dose is delivered precisely to the area of the lumpectomy from 4 different angles using the guidance of AccuBoost’s real-time digital imaging.

How does it work?

Your treatment team at the Central Florida Cancer Institute will place the AccuBoost applicators on the x-ray imaging paddles that are used to immobilize and image the breast.  The applicators recieve a temporary radioactive source from a computer controlled afterloader.  The applicator, similar to a flashlight, delivers a beam of pentrating radiation to the breast tissue that lies directly in front of it.  By properly imaging the surgical site and positioning the applicator at various angle around the breast, a therapeutic dose is accumulated in the target tissue.  AccuBoost minimizes exposure of the neighboring organs and reduces radiation related side effects.


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